Critical Museum


Critical Museum - The role of museums in a contemporary society

The role of museums in society is not just building and preserving the identity, but creating the space for criticism, debates and reflections on it.

The project Critical Museum aims to introduce local museum communities with the ideas of a Polish art historian and museum studies scholar, professor Piotr Piotrowski, and hence foster intellectual, professional and political processes of museum reformations in Serbia.

With this project, education for museum experts on the role of museums in countries in transition is introduced for the first time. As such, it is based on ideas and experiences of Polish experts, whose country already passed through a process of Euro-integration. This way, professional exchange between two countries is being maintained.


Major activities of the project are:

1. Translation and publication of professor Piotrowski’s book Critical museum from Polish to Serbian
2. A lecture of the professor to students of Museum studies and management at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
3. Workshops for students organized at the Museum of Yugoslav History
4. Public debate on the role of museums in a contemporary socicety at the Museum of Yugoslav History

Professor Piotr Piotrowski is an art historian from Poland and an expert for the avant-garde arts of Eastern Europe and new artistic practices of developing and transitive countries within dominant Western discourse. During 2009, while directing the National museum in Warsaw, he develops the concept of critical museum – a museum with the capacity to reflect problems of the contemporary society and as such play a role in the development of it.

During 2013, Europa Nostra Serbia introduced this project in Serbia, with partnership of the Museum of Yugoslav History, the Centre for museology and heritage studies, and University of Arts in Belgrade. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia and the Polish Embassy.


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