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CULTEMA – Cultural value for sustanaible territorial management and marketing

During September of 2013, team of Europa Nostra Serbia participated in international committee in evaluating results of Cultema project. This project gathers partners from Southeastern European countries, including Italy, Austria and Greece with the goal of increasing investments in cultural heritage and usage of cultural values for long term development and regeneration of smaller places and regions.

The main idea is to find suitable investors and actualize new economic, social and sustainable capacities of cultural and natural heritage. This unique example of equal and multilateral collaboration of governmental institution, regional parties, local communities, professional organizations and NGOs with leading European experts, points onto united approach to management of cultural and natural heritage, emphasizing local and regional level. Project Cultema emphasizes a need for introducing new and innovative methods of management by including local governments and their initiatives, and implementing the Council of Europe’s Lljubljana process based on rehabilitation of regional heritage of Southeastern Europe.

Over 300 locations of Southeastern Europe during two years have been identified and analyzed in the project’s database. In Serbia, research is undertaken in municipalities of Zagubica and Despotovac, in order to summarize necessary knowledge for further economic and cultural progress of this region of Serbia. In the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, an office for further realization of this project is founded, with the support of State institute for cultural monuments protection and Central institute for conservation.


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