Through campaigns and missions as well as a flagship program “7 Most Endangered” we give voice to endangered heritage and work towards its safeguarding and revitalization.

Europa Nostra Serbia supports, initiates and conducts programs, missions and campaigns related to endangered heritage in Serbia.

We were integral part of a multi-year mission for threatened and destroyed heritage in Kosovo. We participated in the campaign Save Subotica to preserve the old city center of Subotica from rapid and unplanned construction development, and we led the campaign for the reconstruction of the Museum of Vuk and Dositej in Belgrade. We reacted to the demolition of the historic General Staff building in Belgrade, to the construction of Zaha Hadid hotel which would deteriorate m numental Kalemgedan fortress and we reacted to recent regarding urbanization of Belgrade. In partnership with Banca Intesa, we initiated a project “Place that I love”, with the aim of preserving favorite cultural and historical places of the citizens of Serbia.

As members of the Network for Heritage of South East Europe, we wrote the appeals of civil society regarding the preservation of regional landscapes, combated illegal trade of heritage and evaluation of the historic and rural areas. We are responsible for the implementation of the Europa Nostra’s "7 most endangered program" in Serbia by annually nominating threatened heritage of Serbia for it.


The 7 Most Endangered Programme

The 7 Most Endangered Programme identifies endangered monuments and sites in Europe and mobilize public and private partners on a local, national and European level to find a sustainable future for those sites.

“The 7 Most Endangered” programme was launched in January 2013 by Europa Nostra with the European Investment Bank Institute as founding partner and the Council of Europe Development Bank as associated partner. It was inspired by a successful similar project run by the US National Trust for Historic Preservation. ‘The 7 Most Endangered’ is not a funding programme. Its aim is to serve as a catalyst for action and to promote “the power of example”.

Each year Europa Nostra Serbia is in charge of submitting the nominations of endangered sites across Serbia for the “7 Most endangered” Programme, while all established public, civic and private bodies active in the heritage field in Serbia are welcomed to give us proposals and arguments for heritage they think is endangered and should be submitted for the Programme.

After the submissions an advisory panel composed of heritage experts from across Europe and representatives from the EIB meets and discusses all the applications and lists them according to set criteria: European relevance of the site, the level of sites’ endangerment and the local willingness, capacity and potential to improve sites’ condition. The board of Europa Nostra reviews the list and publicly announces it during the annual congress.

The monuments listed as 7 Most Endangered receive a large pan-european visibility an publicity, while Europa Nostra together with local partners organizes rescue missions to the sites included in the final list with relevant experts from across Europe. At the end of the process the experts involved in rescue missions summarize the results and recommendations for each of the sites.

So far in Serbia, archaeological site Vinca was submitted and got among the 14 most endangered sites, but was not selected for the 7 Most Endangered in 2013. In 2014 we have nominated Sinagogue in Subotica which got selected for the 7 Most Endangered in 2014.



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