the voice of the cultural heritage



EUROPA NOSTRA SERBIA (ENS) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established in 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia, passionately dedicated to raising awareness of cultural heritage as a basic right of every citizen.

Our vision is to be “the voice of the cultural heritage” which all people, regardless of their background, have right to understand, cherish, use, and safeguard, enjoy and participate in.

We are a Country Representative of the biggest pan-European heritage network, EUROPA NOSTRA, which represents more than 250 non-governmental organizations, 150 associate organizations and 1500 individual members from more than 50 European countries dedicated to safeguarding the cultural heritage and landscape of the continent.


Through our activities we:

- Promote protection and sustainable use of heritage by applying the principles of social museology - campaigns, raising awareness, education and encouraging citizens’ activism;

- Strengthen heritage sector through trainings and exchange of experiences, ideas, knowledge and good practices on a local, regional and European level;

- Participate in research, advice and consult heritage related policies, strategies, heritage management and projects on national, regional and European level

- Advocate for the sustainable individual, social and cultural development based on heritage as one of the priority goals of the Serbian politics and policy


ENS sets the principle of shared ownership and shared responsibility over heritage at the heart of its activities. We emphasize importance of heritage for the contemporary society and the diverse possibilities of using heritage in the current moment, while being responsible to the future.

Our core values are activism, professionalism, shared ownership, accessibility, inclusion, participation, and heritage safeguarding through sustainable, informed and responsible use.


We are active members of:

Europa Nostra:

SEE Heritage Network:

European Heritage Alliance 3.3: