Irina Subotić


Irina Subotić is a vice-president of Europa Nostra, as well as a board member of it. For Serbian branch of Europa Nostra, she is engaged as a chairperson. Receiving her PhD in art history, she is teaching at several MA programs of University of Arts in Belgrade. For decades she worked as a curator of Museum of Contemporary Art and National Museum in Belgrade by organizing numerous exhibitions of avant-garde and modern art, participating in various conferences and publishing studies and monographs. She is a member of several national and international professional and non-governmental organizations such are AICA and ICOM. Alongside with history of contemporary art, her major fields of interests are museum education and civil sector engagement in protection and promotion of heritage.

Katarina Živanović

Secretary general

Katarina has twenty years of experience in the development of museum displays, making management plans for heritage sites on the World Heritage List, managing archaeological sites and museum collections, developing cultural tourist attractions and education in the field of museum and heritage studies. As an archaeologist, cultural manager and museology expert in various sectors and departments, Katarina focused her professional engagement on participatory protection, interpretation and the promotion of sustainable use of cultural heritage. Her belief is that the success of heritage management lies primarily in rethinking what, how and for whom we work, and more importantly why and with whom we do it.

Višnja Kisić

Board Member

Višnja is an art historian, curator, cultural management and policy specialist and a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the centre for museology and heritology at Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, focused on heritage management, policy, interpretation, activism, social and human development. What motivates her are ideas of a more just world and the usage of heritage to foster understanding among the people and create positive social change – which are at the heart of ENS mission. As a Secretary General of Europa Nostra Serbia since 2011, she is responsible for organization’s overall development, team management and creation and management of projects, programs and activities. She is professionally based in Serbia and the Balkans, but gets inspiration from people and places world widely. International environments such as Museum of Art and Archaeology in Columbia; Peggy Guggenheim Collection; the Venice Biennale; Europe Nostra and National Museum in Belgrade, where she interned and worked, have put her in contact with diverse people, perspectives and practices.

Milan Popadić

Board member

Milan is a research fellow and lecturer at the Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy Seminar for museum and heritage studies. He deals with the theoretical designations of the notion of heritage, as well as with the interpretation of historical and contemporary models of heritage practices. When he is researching the problems of heritage, he is looking for agents that transform values of the past into the present time. Then, trying to follow humanistic values, he is writing about it.

Aleksandar Stanojlović

Board member

As an architect and a member of the Europa Nostra Serbia Board participates in visualization of projects, specializing on graphic design, three dimensional plans, and applied cartography. Coordinator of the Europa Nostra program ENtopia in Serbia - a network of rural and small urban communities, which started off recently. Graphically designed material for several ENS projects, including Enjoy and preserve and Jevremova, street of encounters.


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