ENS Team

We work in an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals – curators, conservators, art historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, architects , engineers, cultural managers, cultural policy experts, legal advisors, tourism experts, educational professionals and economists dedicated to heritage safeguarding - engaged in projects, program activities, as well as consultants and trainers.

Europa Nostra Serbia is led by a President and Secretary General, as well as 5 active members of the Board. Engagement of other members of the team and volunteers is realized on project basis and permanent activities.


Irina Subotić


Irina Subotić is a vice-president of Europa Nostra, as well as a board member of it. For Serbian branch of Europa Nostra, she is engaged as a chairperson. Receiving her PhD in art history, she is teaching at several MA programs of University of Arts in Belgrade. For decades she worked as a curator of Museum of Contemporary Art and National Museum in Belgrade by organizing numerous exhibitions of avant-garde and modern art, participating in various conferences and publishing studies and monographs. She is a member of several national and international professional and non-governmental organizations such are AICA and ICOM. Alongside with history of contemporary art, her major fields of interests are museum education and civil sector engagement in protection and promotion of heritage.


Katarina Živanović

Secretary general

Katarina has twenty years of experience in the development of museum displays, making management plans for heritage sites on the World Heritage List, managing archaeological sites and museum collections, developing cultural tourist attractions and education in the field of museum and heritage studies. As an archaeologist, cultural manager and museology expert in various sectors and departments, Katarina focused her professional engagement on participatory protection, interpretation and the promotion of sustainable use of cultural heritage. Her belief is that the success of heritage management lies primarily in rethinking what, how and for whom we work, and more importantly why and with whom we do it.


Višnja Kisić

Board Member

Višnja is an art historian, curator, cultural management and policy specialist and a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the centre for museology and heritology at Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, focused on heritage management, policy, interpretation, activism, social and human development. What motivates her are ideas of a more just world and the usage of heritage to foster understanding among the people and create positive social change – which are at the heart of ENS mission. As a Secretary General of Europa Nostra Serbia since 2011, she is responsible for organization’s overall development, team management and creation and management of projects, programs and activities. She is professionally based in Serbia and the Balkans, but gets inspiration from people and places world widely. International environments such as Museum of Art and Archaeology in Columbia; Peggy Guggenheim Collection; the Venice Biennale; Europe Nostra and National Museum in Belgrade, where she interned and worked, have put her in contact with diverse people, perspectives and practices.


Milan Popadić

Board member

Milan is a research fellow and lecturer at the Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy Seminar for museum and heritage studies. He deals with the theoretical designations of the notion of heritage, as well as with the interpretation of historical and contemporary models of heritage practices. When he is researching the problems of heritage, he is looking for agents that transform values of the past into the present time. Then, trying to follow humanistic values, he is writing about it.


Aleksandar Stanojlović

Board member

As an architect and a member of the Europa Nostra Serbia Board participates in visualization of projects, specializing on graphic design, three dimensional plans, and applied cartography. Coordinator of the Europa Nostra program ENtopia in Serbia - a network of rural and small urban communities, which started off recently. Graphically designed material for several ENS projects, including Enjoy and preserve and Jevremova, street of encounters.


Milena Gnjatović

Having the interest in the culture of memory, personal and microhistories, but also in the cultural management, youth education and ways of presenting cultural heritage to public, in the organization Europa Nostra Serbia she has found a platform to link her interests. In this organization she deals with projects of education and awareness raising about the importance of cultural heritage, being also in charge for public relations in the ENS team. Alongside with colleague Isidora Stanković, she is the coordinator of the project: Virtual Patrimonialization of the Belgrade Topoi, intended to educate the Belgrade's youth about heritage. In the field of the cultural heritage she is inspired by the moment when people recognize their own roles when discovering the importance of heritage, evoking memories that some city keeps, collection of the old photographs or the story which encourages to explore personal origin and preserve it for the future. Finally, she is inspired by her own patrimony and the wish to provoke that inspiration in others as well.


Igor Pucarević

Igor with his educational background in law and MA in cultural policy and management work as consultant, researcher and project manager in fields of culture, youth, higher education, EU integration, accountability and good governance. He believes that stories are setting people and societies in action, and that museums and cultural heritage in Serbia have so many untold inspirational stories. He is a part of ENS team in order to make those stories public.


Tijana Zebić

Tijana is a part of the team working on the project I read – You read, which aims to revitalize the area of the former National Library of Serbia at the Kosančicev venac through the popularization of reading and literary media. As an art history student, she is examining cultural heritage and visual culture of the nineteenth century in Serbia. Inspired by ideas and visions, Tijana claims that it is important to raise awareness about the importance of cultural heritage.


Sara Sopić

Majored in art history and currently interning at The Museum of Yugoslav History, Sara started her engagement within Europa Nostra Serbia by working as the author of "The Awakening of the citywalls of Novi Pazar" project, which dealt with interpretation of heritage through a living history model. She continued her collaboration with ENS on project Enjoy and prerserve through a series of children workshops in order to educate the local community about the importance of heritage which surrounds them. She belives that culture is the best way for transforming the society we live in.


Ivana Zarić

Ivana is an art historian from Belgrade, mostly interested and actively engaged in the area of heritage. She believes that hermetic nature of culture and lack of communication between culture and public spheres, represent one of the biggest problems in Serbia nowadays. Led by that thought, she started a PR adventure at multidisciplinary and creative Mikser House in Belgrade as well at Europa Nostra Serbia as the co-author of Awakening of the Fortress, project that incorporated living history concept into heritage protection. Cooperation with ENS continued within I enjoy and preserve workshops for kids, by promoting importance of cultural heritage preservation among the youngest ones. In dealing with heritage, she finds inspiration in continuously discovering new horizons and in the fact that heritage is not just our right but our responsibility as well.


Isidora Stanković

As the main areas of her interest regarding the field of the cultural heritage include the questions of the cultural memory and different interpretations of the heritage influenced by the memories, her activity in Europa Nostra Serbia is also related to the aforementioned themes, as well as to education and raising awareness of heritage. Alongside with colleague Milena Gnjatović, Isidora is the coordinator of the project Virtual Patrimonialization of the Belgrade Topoi, related to the education of the Belgrade youth about heritage. In the field of the cultural heritage she is inspired by the moment when people, sensibilized by this organization's activities, become aware of the presence of the cultural heritage, and, therefore, decide to protect it and to share it as the part of their own lives and past.


Kristina Grebenar

Kristina is a senior student at the Art History department of Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Since 2013, she is engaged within Europa Nostra Serbia's project I Read, You Read, which deals with poplurazitaion of literary media through revitalization of damaged library in Belgrade. Findining insipiration in preserving cultural heritage when she was little and hearing stories about times of the past, her major goal is to keep those stories and memories from oblivion.


Marija Jauković

For Marija museums and cultural heritage are a key points in which different cultures encounter, cherishing continuous intercultural dialog between them. In her work she emphasizes the participative and inclusive heritage management approaches. Receiving MA degree in museum and heritage studies, she is engaged both with museum and heritage institutions, and with anon-for-profit sector. Alongside the engagement with Europa Nostra Serbia, she is a permanent team member of ATTIC studios, working within the field of cultural production. From October 2014 she will be starting her PhD research at the University of Hildesheim (Germany), with a focus on heritage and performance studies. Museums and heritage can bring social change! Let’s give it a try!


Mirjana Jemović

Mirjana is the author of I Read, You Read project, which was created as a student project, with the goal of revitalizing the buidling of library in Belgrade through popularization of reading and literary media. Upon graduating at art history deparmtent, she is active in the fields of curatorial practices and project management, with the focus on XIX century Serbian art. In heritage preservation, she is inspired by her thought that culture and heritage are inevitable part of a prosperous society, hence her motto is: „Go for it and hold it on!“


Stefan Zarić

As the youngest member of Europa Nostra Serbia, Stefan started his engagement within this organization as a website development coordinator, working on a visualization and translation of the content. Studies of Comparative literature and Art history Stefan started in Serbia, and after winning Department of State’s scholarship, he successfully graduated from College of Liberal Arts University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. With a group of students and museum experts, he started off a project entitled “Student Tour Guide Program”, training students in curating modern American art museum, Weisman Art Museum, where he interned for a year and participated in organizing numerous exhibits. Guiding visitors of the museum through the works of Warhol, Lichtenstein and O’Keeffe, he is inspired by the concept of cross-cultural exchange, in which curator becomes a mediation figure, bringing national identity to a global context. Currently, Stefan is looking for starting off a student guide program in Serbian museums and applying for graduate school in Belgrade, hence contributing to heritage development and preservation in his home country.


Tanja Đorđević

Tanja works on the project named I read – You read, which aims to popularize books and reading through the revitalization the site of the former National library at Kosančićev venac. Tanja is a student of art history, focusing her research on fine and cinematic arts. Currently, she is mostly engaged within project management field because she thinks that is the us who are responsible for ourselves and our cultural identity.



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