Workshop: “Hidden Corners of Belgrade”


Hidden Corners of Belgrade – Participatory Mapping of City’s Heritage

We are happy to announce that the call for applications for the workshop “Hidden Corners of Belgrade” that will take place in the gallery Štab and at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade from 11th to 13th of December is opened.

The workshop represents a part of the Virtual heritage of Belgrade’s sites project, run by Europa Nostra Serbia in partnership with the Center for Museology and Heritology, through which a “virtual museum” of Belgrade is created (, with an aim to raise awareness about the heritage of the city (and heritage in general) among the Belgrade’s youth. Through an interactive web platform any person is welcome to present its own corner of Belgrade and a memory the person associates with that place. Also, every visitor is invited to search for other views and interpretations of Belgrade suggested by researchers of the project and students from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Our aim with this workshop is to emphasize the significance of different viewpoints in relation to the meaning of a city, to gather more people interested in similar topics to present their projects, to produce new content for the BeoPatrimonium online platform, and to open an inspiring discussion which will maybe provide new collaborations in the future. During the first part of the workshop “Hidden Corners of Belgrade” the participants will hear about different examples of virtual mapping and potentials of the use of technology in heritage representation. The second segment of the workshop will be practical and participants will also be encouraged to observe, document and create various presentations of Belgrade by using the participatory mapping, a method that allows the actors to contribute and to debate on their personal view how to represent their city. Lectures will be given by project leaders of different initiatives dealing with the use of virtual space presentations and mapping, while the workshop will be led by Rand Eppich, a conservation architect in various international projects related to the virtual heritage. All the presentations will be added to

The “Hidden Corners of Belgrade” is aimed at students and young experts, related particularly to the field of humanities and social sciences, but to ICT as well, interested in the rethinking and presenting the heritage of Belgrade in an interactive and contemporary way. Therefore, the workshop will include 30 participants in the aforementioned fields. Persons interested in the workshop are invited to send their short biographies (200 words max) alongside with a short motivation letter explaining why this workshop is interesting for them (500 words max) until the 5th of December on the address: Working language on Friday will be Serbian, while during the weekend some parts of the workshop will be held in English because of the foreign lecturer.

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and done in partnership with the Gallery Štab in Belgrade.